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About our company

Production of bolts and nuts from carbon steel and stainless steel since 1989.

Stainless steel fasteners are more and more demanded recently. Herida Ltd. was one of the first Hungarian factories to produce A2 and A4 material fasteners.

About Us:

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We are ready to fulfill your orders with high level production technology, under continuous quality control, to produce modern stainless steel and acid-proof steel products according to international standards and custom designs of the client.

The primary aspect of the company management is integration of quality in the production processes, in every step of fastener production, implemented based on our Quality policies by introduction and continuous operation of a quality management system according to ISO 9001.

We have a widespread experience in supplying goods for factories, for the car industry and for wholesale companies.

In addition to fastener production facilities, Herida Ltd. has its own surface treatment plant where we do zinc-plating, galvanization and other surface treatment works for our clients.

Our Plants:

Die forming plant

Die forming plant

The die forming plant forms the head and barrel of the bolts.

Die rolling plant

Die rolling plant

The die rolling plant prepares threads to the bolts.

Heat Treatment Plant

Heat Treatment Plant

Our heat treatment plant treats our own fasteners, and also performs tempering and cementing job-works of bulk products under protective gas atmosphere.

Surface Treatment Plant

Surface Treatment Plant

Our galvanizing plant produces goods with blue (traditional shiny surface) and black surface.

Additional Services:

Surface and heat treatment: zinc-plating, galvanization, blackening, cementation
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